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Sisi and Bad Ischl

In the footsteps of the Empress

imperial park in Bad Ischl
imperial spa park in Bad Ischl

The magic of the k&k monarchy can still be felt in every single corner of Bad Ischl today. Explore your holiday resort by following Sisi's footsteps, visit the imperial villa - a wedding gift from the Empress Dowager and the royal couple's summer residence - the Marmorschlössl (Sisi's tea house) in the romantic spa park, Haus Austria (today's museum about Bad Ischl, the house where Sisi and Franz Josef got engaged) or hike through the Jainzen - Sisi's magic mountain.

Imperial flair in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Imperial flair still surrounds the former Haus Austria today, which in the meantime houses the town's museum. This is where Sisi and Franz Josef got to know each other and fell in love back then. They got engaged here in 1853.

Bad Ischl was chosen by the imperial couple as their summer retreat due to its special charm. Be it for hunting or a bit of lazing around - Emperor Franz Josef and his Sisi brought imperial glamour to Bad Ischl with their visits. This magic can still be felt today.

Imperial villa in Bad Ischl

The imperial residence is inextricably linked to Empress Elisabeth. She was fascinated by the beauty of the Salzkammergut tourist region. Her husband also sought comfort here when she was the victim of an assassination in Geneva in 1898.

Numerous sights still remind us today of the impact of the Habsburg Emperor on the magical little town in the Salzkammergut tourist region. The imperial town has the monarchs to thank for its architectural charm: they had their grand buildings and boulevards, like the Bad Ischl esplanade, built here in their empire's "salt chamber".

An imperial summer retreat

The intensive relationship between the Austro-Hungarian imperial family and Bad Ischl was only to come to an end when Austria's last Emperor laid down his sceptre. However, you will notice the regents on your holiday in the summer retreat destination: the emperors will live forever in the people's memories.

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