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Traditional and regional treats

Dining at the Goldener Ochs in Bad Ischl

Austrian specialities at a traditional hotel
Traditional cuisine at the Goldener Ochs

Austrian cuisine today still reflects the former monarchy with its many nations today. Viennese cuisine proves very well that Vienna was a culinary melting pot. Vienna's migrants came from Hungary, Bohemia, Slovakia, Carpathian Russia, Bukovina, Poland, Carniola, Croatia, Trieste, Dalmatia or "just" from the federal states. They all have one thing in common: they brought the recipes from their homelands with them to Vienna and Austrian cuisine took the best from all of them.

Traditional cuisine at the Goldener Ochs

And it is precisely this traditional Austrian cuisine that you are offered at the Goldener Ochs. Mr Schweiger himself places great importance on dishes such as "Kalbsbeuscherl" (calf's innards), "Kalbsbries" (calf's sweetbread) or baked "Kalbskopf" (calf's head) not being forgotten. The meat is mainly purchased from regional providers from the Salzkammergut tourist region, e.g. Eislbauer from Eck, Prombergerbäurin from Gosau.

Products from the Salzkammergut tourist region

Great importance has been placed on regional and seasonal products at the Goldener Ochs since time immemorial. The fish come from the Schloss Fuschl fishery or are caught wild from Traunsee lake, the Goldener Ochs kitchen buys game directly from Austrian State Forestry hunters from the Rettenbachtal and Zimnitz region, the goat's cheese is supplied directly from Bad Ischl by the Unterbergerbäurin from Eck - to highlight just a few examples. The kitchen at the 4-star hotel has also been awarded the AMA restaurant seal of quality for this. And you can taste it too.

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dining in the historical Leharstube

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If you suffer from any gluten or lactose intolerances or have any other food intolerances, this is not a problem for our kitchen at all. We will be happy to cater for this. Please let us know when you make your reservation.



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