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Pure relaxation - sun meadow combined with pendulum lounger

Early civilisations revered the sun as a deity

The sun meadow is soft sunbathing
Pure relaxation on the sun meadow

Totally understandable when you think what a positive effect warmth and sunlight can have on our psyche. We are more energetic and relaxed when the sun shines, our mood literally brightens. You can also enjoy these positive properties of the sun here at the Goldener Ochs on our "sun meadow". Simply switch off for once, wind down, forget about everyday life for 20 minutes.

Say goodbye to the winter blues

In the autumn, winter and spring you don't have enough time to enjoy the sun and natural light due to the shorter days and less hours of sunshine. You can counteract the winter blues with the sun meadow. In addition, the collagen forming rays boost the skin's natural regeneration processes with the patented sun meadow (from Klafs). Spent or broken skin structures are renewed - skin looks fresher and firmer.

Other advantages of soft sunbathing on the sun meadow are:

  • Convenient tanning without the restrictive feeling of usual solariums
  • Instant pigmentation
  • Gentle slow tanning
  • The pleasant Mediterranean warmth and tanning as biological protection against the harmful consequences of excessive exposure to the sun

More energy with power napping - thanks to the pendulum lounger

The sun meadow can be wonderfully combined with the pendulum lounger for perfect relaxation. It's precisely this combination that awaits you here at the Goldener Ochs. You now awaken new energies very simply in your sleep: with power napping. All you have to do is close your eyes and the pendulum lounger rocks you into a relaxing nap with its gentle swaying movement.

After just a few seconds your body already has a pleasant, cosy feeling and you will not only forget your everyday life but also no longer notice the lounger's movement. Instead of this the swaying frequency ensures that your mind and body totally wind down and switch off. Even if you do not sleep deeply during this time, 15 to 20 minutes is enough to wake up again deeply relaxed. And at the same time your concentration and efficiency also increase and you start the day with renewed vigour. Regardless of what the time is.

It's almost impossible to be any more relaxed than this – experience it for yourself and send us a non-binding enquiry or book directly online.



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