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Easter customs in the Salzkammergut tourist region

There's palm bouquets, children's processions with wooden rattles, egg rolling and much more to be discovered

Palm Sunday in the Salzkammergut tourist region
Easter customs in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Easter is the ideal time every year for a few relaxing days here with us at the Goldener Ochs getting to know the Salzkammergut tourist region and its customs.

Palmbuschen - various bouquets using different weeds

As in many other parts of the Salzkammergut tourist region, "Palmbuschen" also has its own tradition here in the imperial town. Not everyone is allowed to carry any variety of the "Palmbuschen". The following traditional distribution of roles applies during the Palm Sunday procession:

The Palm bouquets are reserved for the women, the boys carry the "Stanglpalm" and the large "Krampen" are carried by the men. However, certain plants must be present in all 3 varieties for it to be a real "Palmbuschen":

catkin, Erica, juniper, boxwood, holly, oak leaves, daphne and recently also thuja.

The women carry simple bouquets in their hand. Apples are also strung onto four sticks with the "Stanglpalm". The sticks either come from the hazel bush or chequer bush. The "Krampen" are usually brought to the blessing by the farmers. Up to 5 metre high pieces of willow tress are cut down for this and tied together with the other "ingredients" into one single trunk. It's usually the same number of twigs as the farmer has fields. The blessed bouquets are placed in the house and garden, the "Krampen" end up on the fields and meadows to ask for blessing and thriving crops.

Easter customs - not just in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Some of the most famous Easter customs, not just here in Bad Ischl, are:

Dyeing eggs

Craft making together is always good fun: dye Easter eggs one colour or with marble effect with your loved ones and friends using herbs and onion skins or paint the eggs by hand. There are several possibilities for creating the perfect Easter egg.

Blessing of food

According to Christian custom you have the Easter gifts in the basket blessed at church on Easter Sunday.

Egg tapping

You "fight" with the eggs before eating them. This is very popular with children in particular.

Egg rolling

You roll an egg downhill over two broomsticks and it's supposed to hit a target.

Finding nests

Children spend Easter Sunday looking for the gifts that the Easter bunny has hidden for them.

Children's procession with wooden rattles

On Maundy Thursday the church bells fall silent as they have flown to Rome and only return again on the resurrection. During this time without any church bells the rattles announce the times for church.

Easter in the museum

What would Easter be in Bad Ischl without "Easter in the museum"?

Local artists come up with lots of new ideas for the days before Easter every single year. Experience these artists at work, admire the variety of their products and find all kinds of useful and precious things for the Easter festival. Open from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Celebrate Easter with us at the Goldener Ochs! Simply send us a non-binding enquiry or book directly online for your Easter holiday in the Salzkammergut tourist region.



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