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Geocaching in the imperial town

A treasure hunt in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Bad Ischl town
Go on a treasure hunt in the imperial town

Geocaching is developing into a new trend sport here too. In the meantime the whole of the Salzkammergut tourist region is packed with various caches.

But where does geocaching come from?

We have the American military to thank for geocaching. Thanks to the GPS signal's artificial distortion being switched off by the US government in May 2000 it was possible for the first time to also carry out positioning accurate to just a few metres privately using GPS devices. This was just reserved for the US military before 2000 and distorted to more than 100 m in the civilian field.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is the modern form of a treasure hunt using a GPS device. People or geocachers hide treasure chests in a whole range of places all over the world and publish the treasure chest's coordinates on the Internet, just like the X on a treasure map marks where the treasure is located.

How does geocaching work?

Obtaining information and finding a geocache
In the meantime there are thousands of treasure chests worldwide and more and more are being added every day. For example, if you are spending your holiday in the Salzkammergut tourist region it is best to choose a cache near your holiday resort.

Preparation is the be-all and end-all of a successful treasure hunt. Obtain information about the region from your holiday hotel or at the tourist office. Do you have the right equipment for your venture? Is anyone from your group out of their depth with the hike it involves? No?

The treasure hunt can begin
All we can do now is wish you good luck!

Have you found the geocache?
Congratulations! Enter it in the log book and replace the booty.

Where can I find geocaches in my area?
The best place to look is online at www.geocache.at

And when may we offer you our energetic support with your treasure hunt on holiday in the Salzkammergut tourist region? Your adventure is just a non-binding enquiry away or book your holiday in the Salzkammergut tourist region directly online.



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