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Magical spots & places of energy in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Magical spots with a positive effect

A magical spot in the Salzkammergut tourist region
Magical spots and places of energy in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut

Generally we understand magical spots to be those places which are sought out to develop your inner sensitivity and find yourself.

The pursuit of happiness

These places are used as a journey to find yourself. Magical spots are places where a special harmony prevails awakening pleasant memories, giving rise to beneficial emotions, making you feel joy..., or places that have significantly changed your path in life. The positive and negative have to be accepted - everything that happens is good! The path to living happily and a higher consciousness often leads through experiences that appear to be negative at first. Magical spots are therefore ideal for saying goodbye to saboteurs of happiness (fears, dissatisfaction, negatively charged people, all kinds of negative influences...) in rituals. The Salzkammergut tourist region is extremely rich in magical spots. One group of sensitive people, who have been grappling with the fascination of the Salzkammergut tourist region for many years, have selected and documented a number of these spots.

The Salzkammergut tourist region

Nature very obviously shows off all its charms in the Salzkammergut tourist region. The vast plains of the Alpine foothills, 76 lakes, natural rivers and streams, delightful mountain pasture ridges as well as the striking limestone massif of the Dachstein, Totes Gebirge, Sengsengebirge and Höllengebirge are full of contrasts and inspirations. Many people come here due to the numerous magical spots and places of energy that have been encouraging reflection, switching off and topping up your energy levels since time immemorial. Happiness is a state of inner strength and composure, self-discovery and self-responsibility.

Magical spots & places of energy in Bad Ischl

Your feel-good hotel the Goldener Ochs is surrounded by several magical spots and places of energy that are just waiting to be discovered by you. For example

  • The Calvary mountain
  • Sterzens Abendsitz
  • The Wildenstein ruins
  • The Elisabeth forest trail
  • Einsiedlerstein

to mention just a few.

Your team at the Goldener Ochs still has a number of secret tips for magical spots up its sleeve for you. Set off on your pursuit of happiness in Bad Ischl and send us a non-binding enquiry straight away or book directly online.



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