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Take a deep breath at the Goldener Ochs

Air & water for your good health

A Kneipp pool in the wellness complex
Kneipping at the wellness hotel

You can soon breathe freely again in the salt graduation tower at the Goldener Ochs. Feel the healing effect of the brine that made Ischl world famous as a spa town.

Prevention thanks to the brine from the Salzkammergut tourist region's salt works

Brine is a salt solution in water. This is concentrated using a graduation tower which increases the positive effect of the brine. The salt graduation tower at the feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut tourist region is unique. Naturally extracted salt brine from the Salzkammergut tourist region's salt works flow in the graduation hut over fresh brushwood from mountain fir trees and pines - gathered by the Schweiger family themselves. The brine absorbs the resin and releases essential oils (airborne particles), which get into the air and have a refreshing, pleasant and soothing effect on the entire respiratory system.

Airborne particles for the airways

Using the salt graduation tower therefore not only has an effect on acute respiratory diseases but also has a positive preventive effect on the entire organism. The brine penetrates deep into the bronchial system, moistens the nasal mucosa and is good for the larynx. The airborne particles loosen the mucus on the bronchial mucosa and improve the cilia's function. These little hairs remove dust particles from the bronchi.

The water cure according to Kneipp

The first Kneipp associations were founded in Austria more than 115 years ago. Natural healing and a holistic approach are the cornerstones of the visionary Kneipp philosophy. Sebastian Kneipp was famous for his "water cure". This tradition is continued at the Goldener Ochs feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl. The circulation training using cold stimulation and reflexology massage have an extremely beneficial effect on the immune system and problem veins. The Kneipp course with revitalised Grander water awaits you! After the Kneipp session you can relax on the pendulum lounger and unwind or be pampered with a beneficial massage.

Enjoy the salt graduation tower and Kneipp facilities at the feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl during your stay and send a non-binding enquiry to the staff at the Goldener Ochs private hotel now. You can also book your wellness holiday directly online.



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