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Relaxation for the whole body

Let us pamper you - you deserve it

A massage in the Goldener Ochs wellness complex
Massages at the feel-good hotel

Holistic massages and special massages at your feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl - at the ****Hotel Goldener Ochs in the heart of the Salzkammergut tourist region are a treat for the body and soul.

Say goodbye to tension: back, shoulder and neck massages

Back pain, tense shoulders, a stiff neck? Then a back, shoulder and neck massage in the massage area at your feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl is just the right thing for you. The professional massage team at the Goldener Ochs will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about this beneficial form of treatment.

Soothe your nerves: reflexology massages

The whole team at the Goldener Ochs would like you to feel good in Bad Ischl. Part and parcel of this is also restoring calm. The reflexology massage is soothing and relaxing for the nervous system, it reaches the whole body by gently massaging the nerve endings in the foot. Individual painful points can be allocated to specific organs and treated accordingly. Reflexology massages activate your life energy and regenerative powers, release tension and blockages and improve blood circulation.

Preventive treatment with gentle work on the spine

Annoying back pain. So many battle this in its different forms. The spine is not just the centre of the body but it is also its supporting structure. Sitting or standing for a long time or a lack of movement often lead to damage in the spine area. The massage team's gentle work on the spine at your wellness hotel in Bad Ischl helps to alleviate pain and is also preventive. Working on the spine means gently stretching the spine using slight pressure so that the vertebrae can twist back into their original position again.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage affects the lymphatic system as well as the vascular system. During the process excess fluid is removed from the tissue and drained with the lymph (the lymphatic tissue's water, which is usually enriched with waste). The work by the lymph nodes is stimulated by the gentle pressure during the lymph drainage. This strengthens the body's natural defence system and prevents illnesses. The massage team at the Goldener Ochs wellness hotel in Bad Ischl will also be happy to carry out these treatments on you.

Are you one of those sports-mad holidaymakers? Then the wellness area with sauna complex at the Goldener Ochs gives you just the right balance. Or would you just like to relax and escape everyday hectic life? Then contact the professional team at the Goldener Ochs 4-star feel-good hotel and send a non-binding enquiry or book your room online.



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