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Head for the traditional Altaussee Kirmes Festival

A traditional festival in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Gun shooting in the Salzkammergut tourist region
Gun shooting at the Altaussee Kirmes festival

This year guests and locals will be celebrating the Altaussee Kirmes Festival again together and of course in traditional dress on the first weekend in September against the picturesque backdrop of the Loser and Trisselwand. The centre of the action is the original Kirmes festival beer tent run by the Altaussee volunteer fire brigade!

Head for the beer tent

There are lots of beer tents but the Altaussee Kirmes festival beer tent is unique. It is a visitor's attraction in a class of its own. This is also due to its long tradition of opening on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

A traditional Kirmes festival

This cultural gem that has been retained in its original form to date attracts people from far and wide as a result of the basic rules still upheld today, which were set by the former founders in 1961.

Free admission, no music through loudspeakers, no dance floor, sound quality merchandise, the best roast chicken far and wide and cheap prices are an absolute guarantee for the success of this beer tent, which is famous beyond Austria.

370 employees from the Altaussee volunteer fire brigade, all in traditional dress with the famous white aprons of course, ensure that everything runs without any complaints during the three days, where you can once again indulge already on Saturday lunchtime (from midday) this year. Altaussee and Lupitsch musicians provide the necessary sounds and humour for great fun over all 3 days. Obviously it goes without saying that besides a beer tent a Kirmes festival cannot be without more than 120 stands, a funfair and all kinds of other things.

The Altaussee Kirmes beer tent should be and remain a meeting place for everybody from all age groups and that is why you in particular are invited to visit this original festival.

Simply forget about everything you already know about Kirmes festivals. You will also love the Altaussee Kirmes festival. At your private hotel the Goldener Ochs you are just a few minutes away by car from all the action. Send us a non-binding enquiry straight away or book directly online for your holiday.



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