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Fishing in the Salzkammergut tourist region

The lake district in the Salzkammergut tourist region
The lake district in the Salzkammergut tourist region - a paradise for anglers

Bad Ischl is situated in the middle of the Salzkammergut tourist region and is the ideal starting point for more than 70 lakes and countless rivers distributed over a few square kilometres and is therefore a Central European paradise for any fishing fans.

Have a good catch in the Salzkammergut tourist region

Lake and river fishing has a centuries-old tradition in the Salzkammergut tourist region and was regulated by decree for the first time in 1494 by Emperor Maximilian as fish was "FOOD FOR THE UPPER CLASSES" and not originally intended for "common folk".

Lake and river fishing has been extremely popular in the Salzkammergut tourist region for centuries. The number of waters rich in fish is probably the reason for this. Hobby anglers still love the territories in the Salzkammergut tourist region today too.

The art of fly fishing

Fly fishing is a special kind of fishing. Generally flies are used as bait for this, which is where the name also comes from. You fish by casting the fishing line over the water using a fishing tackle and a very specific casting technique.

The cast

With fly fishing you cast off totally differently to with usual angling. With this kind of fishing it is purely the weight of the line, without any lead weight or spoon lure, that is used to get the bait into the water. Flowing forwards and backwards moving are carried out in the line of vision. Anyone who is any good can achieve casting distances up to 30 m using this technique. Walter Stadler, the local guide in terms of fly fishing, will be happy to show you the finer details.

Mr Walter Stadler is THE expert when it comes to fly fishing in the Salzkammergut tourist region and will be very happy to assist any guest interested in fishing with his many years of experience. Mr Stadler is also happy to organise angling permits and even personally take you to the most beautiful rivers in the Salzkammergut tourist region, if you want.

Guided tour of waters: approx. 2 hours €25.00 per person

Guiding: 1 day €160.00 per person - every additional person €80.00

Fishing fun at your holiday hotel

Whether you want to barbecue your catch on site straight away or back at the Goldener Ochs, we leave it up to you to ask the chef to prepare it just how you'd like it. And anyone who doesn't catch anything can enjoy the delicious dishes at the à la carte restaurant in your 4-star hotel with top quality down-to-earth cooking, international dishes and freshly caught Salzkammergut fish. We get our freshly caught fish from the Schloss Fuschl fishery or they are caught wild from Traunsee lake.

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