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Genuine hospitality at the historical hotel on the Traun river

Your hotel in Bad Ischl

The Hotel Goldener Ochs in the Salzkammergut tourist region
A traditional hotel in the small imperial town

Hospitality has been given top priority at the Goldener Ochs since 1790. What once started as a small modest butcher's has developed into a charming traditional hotel in the small imperial town.

Hosts with a passion since 1790

As a result of the rising number of spa guests in the Salzkammergut town of Bad Ischl, the restaurant next to the butcher's was furnished with rooms one hundred years later. Bad Ischl and the Goldener Ochs too had the imperial dynasty and the "salt princes" to thank for the tourist boom.

As the long-awaited successor to the throne failed to appear, the Empress Dowager Archduchess Sophie spent a long time on several courses of salt treatments in Ischl. The treatments were successful and the successor to the throne and his brothers were born over the next few years.

Word about "Bad Ischl's miracle treatments" spread quickly among aristocratic circles. It was now "in" to go to the Salzkammergut tourist region and Bad Ischl on summer retreat. Apart from the aristocracy, artists were also drawn to the imperial town. Franz Lehár, a loyal regular guest at the Goldener Ochs, always said "I have my best ideas in Bad Ischl"

The imperial dynasty also remained loyal to the charming little town on the Traun river. Emperor Franz Josef celebrated his engagement with his Sisi in Bad Ischl and made Bad Ischl into his summer residence. The monarch is supposed to have spent sixty summers at the imperial villa in Bad Ischl.

The past meets the present

The façade of the Hotel Goldener Ochs
The Goldener Ochs in the centre of Bad Ischl

Over the course of time the Goldener Ochs in the Salzkammergut tourist region made a name for itself, as hospitality, conviviality and tradition could be sensed there just as much back then as they are now.

The private hotel in Bad Ischl was expanded and modernised over the course of many years, however it was able to stay faithful to its original look and blends perfectly into the harmonious appearance of the cultural town of Bad Ischl. A spacious spa complex was integrated into the hotel to give the authentic establishment in the Salzkammergut tourist region the necessary modern feel-good character too. Guests from all over the world love the 4-star hotel situated in the centre of Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut tourist region due to its informal atmosphere, hospitality and charm.

The Schweiger family has been your host at the traditional hotel for more than 25 years now. They are to thank for the Goldener Ochs becoming a feel-good hotel over the last few years and for how it proudly presents itself today and in the future.

Set off in the footsteps of the Emperor and get to know the historical hotel in the operetta town. The team at the Goldener Ochswill be happy to take your non-binding enquiry or booking.



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