Brine & mountain firs for your health

You can freely breathe and revive your bronchia in the salt graduation tower of the Hotel Goldener Ochs. Just feel the healing effect of the brine that has made Bad Ischl a world-famous spa town.

Regeneration and prevention by brine of the Salzkammergut

Brine is a saltwater solution. In the mountain rocks of Salzkammergut there are many salt reserves. Therefore, the brine exclusively comes from the region. Graduation means amplifying and refers to amplifying beneficial effects of the brine. The salt graduation tower at the feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut is unique. Naturally extracted brine from the salines of the Salzkammergut splashes in the Gradierhüttel (graduation hut) over fresh brushwood from mountain fir trees and pines. The brine absorbs the resins of domestic woods and releases essential oils (aerosols), which get into the breathing air and have a refreshing, pleasant and soothing on the entire respiratory system.

Aerosols for the airways

Using salt graduation tower not only has a positive effect on acute airway diseases and on the organism as preventive measure. The brine also penetrates deeply into the bronchial system, moisturizes the nasal mucosa and is good for the larynx. At the bronchial mucoso the aerosols release mucus and improve the function of cilia. These little hairs remove dust particles from the bronchia.

Kneipp bath in the wellness area

The water cure by Kneipp boosts your metabolism and strengthens your immune system! The first Kneipp associations were founded in Austria more than 115 years ago. Natural medicine and a holistic approach are the cornerstones of the visionary Kneipp philosophy. Sebastian Kneipp became famous for his “water cure”. This tradition continues in the feel-good Hotel Goldener Ochs. The circulation training using cold stimuli and foot reflexology have an extremely beneficial effect on the immune system and plagued veins. The Kneipp path with revitalized Grander water is waiting just for you!

Enjoy the salt graduation tower and Kneipp facilities during your stay at the feel-good Hotel in Bad Ischl and send a non-binding inquiry to the team of the privately-owned Hotel Goldener Ochs. You can also book your wellness holiday directly online.

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