Relaxation for the whole body

Holistic massages, special massages and Ayurveda massages in your feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl - in the ****Hotel Goldener Ochs in the heart of the Salzkammergut are a treat for body and soul.

Massage in the wellness area of the Goldener Ochs

Say goodbye to tensions: back, shoulder, and neck massages

Are you suffering from back pain, a stiff shoulder or neck? Then a back, shoulder and neck massage in the massage area at your feel-good hotel in Bad Ischl is the right thing for you. Our competent massage team at the Goldener Ochs will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about this beneficial form of treatment.

Calming the nerves: foot reflexology

The whole team at the Goldener Ochs wants you to feel good in Bad Ischl. This also includes calming the nerves. The foot reflexology has a soothing and relaxing effect on our nerve system; by gently massaging the nerve endings in the foot, the massage goes through the whole body. Individual pain points can be allocated to specific organs and treated accordingly. The foot reflexology activates your vital energy and regenerative powers, releases tension and cramps, and improves blood circulation.

Prevention with gentle spine treatment

Back pain - Back pain - so many people are suffering from it in different forms. The spine not only forms the center of the body but is also the supporting structure. Sitting or standing for a longer time, or a lack of working out often cause damages to the spine. The gentle spine treatment by the massage team at your wellness hotel in Bad Ischl helps to relieve pain and serves as a preventive measure. Spine treatment means gently stretching the spine using light pressure so that the vertebrae can rotate back to its original position.

Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage affects the lymphatic and the vascular system. The tissue is drained and transported away with the lymph (water of the lymphatic tissue that is usually enriched with waste). The gentle pressure of the lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymph nodes. This strengthens the body's natural defense system and prevents illnesses. The massage team at the Goldener Ochs wellness hotel in Bad Ischl will be happy to perform this treatment with you as well.

Ayurveda massages

We also offer an extensive selection of ayurvedic massages in our spa. The far east relaxing and cleansing treatments are carried out by the qualified ayurvedic therapist marina altenmarkter.

  • Full body abhyanga 
    Soothing full body massage with warm oils for deep relaxation.
  • Hot Stone
  • Mukabhyanga
    The relaxing and gentle face, shoulder and neck massage.
  • Back massage - Pritistabyanga
    Soothing back massage with special herbal oil. It helps to relieve and calm local muscle tenseion.
  • Foot massage - Padabhyanga
    This treatment is a calming partial massage performed with warm oil from knee to toe.
  • Herbal stamp massage - Elakizi 
    Elakizi is a very special massage with freshly prepared herbal stmps. The immune system is strengthende, blood circulation ist promoted and toxins are flushed out of the body


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