"Arthur Schnitzler" Bar

The bar with summer feeling 365 days
Open for banters daily 2.30 to 11 pm


Drinks, coffee & reading in the imperial town

The cocktail and day bar at the Goldener Ochs is open daily for hotel and à la carte guests from 2.30 pm to 11 pm. Regionally roasted apothecary coffee by Hrovat’s röstet, homemade sweets, magazines and books create a relaxed salon atmosphere in the spirit of summer enjoyment.


A former summer holiday guest as name giver

To escape the heat of the city, numerous summer guests came to the Salzkammergut for serval weeks in the 19th century. The pleasant climate and the beauty of the landscape were the main protagonists of the summer retreat. Among the guests was Arthur Schnitzler (1862 - 1931), one of Austria’s literary figures and playwrights still most respected today. “Professor Bernhardi”, “Das weite Land”, “Der Reigen” and others are part of the standard repertoire of international theatres and serve as film models (including Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”). Coming from a middle-class Jewish family, he, like his father, embarked on a medical career and worked as a doctor.

“Strength of character is often nothing else than a weakness of feeling”

Schnitzler devoted himself to literary work at an early age. Together with Hugo von Hofmannsthal (including “Jedermann”), he belonged to the circle of Viennese modernism and can be classified literarily as Impressionism and Symbolism. His oeuvre still deals with polarising themes such as gender relations, obsessions and other “night sides” of the human soul, which makes him a good name bearer for a bar. Drinks, décor and available literature pay tribute to Arthur Schnitzler's work and bring turn-of-the-century salon culture to life.


World literature writer Arthur Schnitzler in Bad Ischl

“In the year of 70 or 71 I breathed the Salzkammergut air for the first time”, these lines come from his autobiography "Jugend in Wien". The young Arthur summered with his family in the imperial town, and loved to explore the surroundings by bicycle. His love for Ischl began young and lasted a lifetime. Two of his works were premiered at the local Lehár Theatre: "Das Abschiedssoupé" from the "Anatol" cycle in 1983 and "Liebelei" in 1898.


Lust for life and alpine savoir-vivre indoor & outdoor

The conservatory and inner courtyard create light-flooded or outdoor spaces during the day. The award-winning drinks come from the multi-award-winning barkeeper Kenny Klein from mba Showbar. Whether in the afternoon or in the evening for a nightcap, bar manager Andreas Zalto and the team of the Goldener Ochs look forward to your visit.


Opening hours of the Arthur Schnitzler bar

Daily from 2.30 pm to 11 pm
Griesgasse 1, 4820 Bad Ischl
For celebrations, please make a reservation by calling 06132 23529.

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